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  1. The Toast hopes you have had a pleasant, uplifting Hannukah. This author has kindly waived his fee for your edification.

    Torah y Moi
    The (Hebrew) National
    Yad Future
    Goy Division
    Jew Order
    Matzoh Hoople
    Manic Street Rabbis
    Guided by Moishes
    The Talis Man on Earth
    Feh Feh Fehs
    ...And You Shall Know Us By The Sale On Bread
    Portugal, The Manischewitz.

  2. The modern male singer-songwriter has a type. She is thin. She wears a great deal of eye makeup. She is pale. She does not smile, and often walks in the rain. Most importantly, she is very, very sad. Too sad to write songs; this must be done for her, so as not to distract her from her deep and profound sadness. Often she is too sad to even have a name, so great is her…