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  1. Mallory: thank you
    I appreciate it
    HEY Jaya
    Jaya: It seems like a good idea!
    That I live here now, with you, on The Toast.
    Mallory: It's true!
    You're joining us as a Staff Writer and I'm SO FLIPPING EXCITED ABOUT IT
    Jaya: I am honored that you are excited about it because I too am excited.
    Mallory: we're all excited

  2. Both my parents don't believe in God, so I was raised as an atheist. We had a Christmas tree, but my parents were definitely upfront about the fact that they thought religions weren't true. I was the kid who worked to get us to stop doing a toy drive for Samaritan's Purse (which uses the toys to evangelize to poor children). I still think that's a wildly inappropriate charity for a public school.

  3. Raised in a rustic house in the woods of North Carolina by parents who discouraged televisions and other such modern entertainments, Kendra Fortmeyer describes a “gorgeous childhood” complete with a story-telling grandfather who would type the tales she narrated to her dolls.

    Now a fiction editor for Broad! Magazine and recipient of an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin, Fortmeyer has established herself as an emerging writer of note, with publications in PANK,