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  1. What a great time to sign up. You remember, this ol' thing we talked about last week?

    Let's talk about incredible things that AREN'T free, shall we?

    1. Tickets to Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical, Hamilton.

  2. I'm gonna level with you. I am CONSTANTLY burdened with feelings of inadequacy when I think about the University of Iowa's legendary Writers' Workshop. Everyone who was better than me in my creative writing seminars in college went to Iowa, and now they have written real books and stuff, instead of just owning a feminist humor site that is read by 99% of librarians and archivists in New England. This is Iowa, as far as…

  3. I’ve never shot a gun, but imagine I’d be really good at it. Though I may have trouble identifying your face from a few feet away, I’m also really good at most games where you aim at a target – games that some people assume require things like “visual acuity,” “depth perception,” or even “practice.” Can I get a gun?

    I may be blind, but hold your fire. I will shark you on