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  1. I desperately want a career for myself that is successful on its own terms, neither dependent on my blindness nor in spite of it.

  2. Today is the last day before the paywall goes up at The New Yorker, which I read and adore, so I encourage you to subscribe, but either way, you must immediately read this brilliant thing by Paige Williams on Alabama's use of a judicial override to sentence an eighteen-year-old to death OVER THE WISHES OF THE JURY: Most states with the death penalty require a unanimous vote of twelve in order to impose capital…

  3. This article was commissioned by Mosaic [], a new digital publication from the Wellcome Trust dedicated to exploring all strands of the science of life. It is reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence [] 1. Excitement In 1987, an American pharmaceutical executive called Mary Ann Leeper flew to Copenhagen to get a firsthand look at what she thought might be the world’s next great health innovation. She didn’t…

  4. Elias Tezapsidis last wrote about Prince.


    One of the first things I bought with my own money after working as an intern for a bank in college was my MacBook Air. I loved it, it was amazing and it is still the object I am using to type this piece, even though I acquired it the first day it came out. I have taken meticulous care of

  5. You may or may not already be familiar with Caleb Hannan's article on Grantland this week, in which an investigation about the inventor of a new golf putter turns into the outing of a trans woman (who committed suicide before the article was published). It's a deeply troubling article for many reasons -- not least of which, as Rebecca Schoenkopf pointed out, is that the writer was given eight months to report on a putter.

  6. He said he liked my shoes – black Chuck Taylor high tops, neon pink trim. Our first assignment was to do a profile on another student. We'd chosen each other. I liked his blue eyes, dark hair, Ken-doll perfect face, but in my profile I wrote about his academic achievements. In his profile he wrote about my shoes. *** I was seventeen, part of a special band of homeschooled evangelical youth being groomed to Take…