ByElias Tezapsidis

Elias is a generalist writer and an aspiring human being based on Avenue D.

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    One of the first things I bought with my own money after working as an intern for a bank in college was my MacBook Air. I loved it, it was amazing and it is still the object I am using to type this piece, even though I acquired it the first day it came out. I have taken meticulous care of

  2. I. The Ubiquity of Prince Ephemera

    Hilton Als wrote one of the strongest memoir pieces in recent--as well as not-so-recent--memory, published by Harper’s under the title “I Am Your Conscious, I Am Love: A Paean To Prince.” The masterful way in which Als deconstructs abstract gender identities is applied to formulate a personal saga. Particularly, the convoluted nature of Prince’s prowess as a performer is digressed in dichotomies of masculinity and femininity, interspersed with…