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  1. At this point in my life I can say with confidence that I have seen a lot of penises. I have seen penises that are circumcised and uncircumcised. I have seen penises that are long, that are short, that are wide, that are narrow. I have seen penises with weird things growing off of them, with weird holes cut into them, that have been broken into a few different pieces, that have swollen

  2. "Madam, I can assure you that the top hat is medically necessary. Now please lie still and stop asking me 'and what does that do?' I don't know what it does yet." "Gentlemen, I propose a wager: just for fun, let's see what else we can fit in here." "Perhaps if I propped up his other arm...perhaps that would provide sufficient stimulus to reverse death. It would almost look…

  3. The attending physician asked me to hop up on the exam table. There was a smattering of dried red flakes on the sheet, which he wiped away. “What’s that from?” he muttered. I lay down, and saw the origin of the red flakes: congealed globs of blood, adorning the overhead lamp. “Ummmm…” I nervously giggled. “There’s blood on the lamp.” The doctor apologized and I was ushered into a new room, where I came to…

  4. As The Toast searches for its one true Gal Scientist, we will be running a ton of wonderful one-off pieces by female scientists of all shapes and sizes and fields and education levels, which we are sure you will enjoy. They’ll live here, so you can always find them. Most recently: Lava Flows and Glass. For the past six years, I’ve been working on my doctorate, which focuses in part on the immune…

  5. In my first year of college I took a fair number of psychology classes. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew I wanted to avoid all of the math and science I could in the process of figuring it out. So psychology (of the non BSc variety) seemed like a great fit.

    It was in one of those early classes that an instructor told