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  1. Never forget this was the closing number in Gold Diggers of 1933, which is a little bit like ending Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with a scene from All Quiet on the Western Front.

  2. Their Style: Georg favors a seafaring aesthetic inspired by rigid discipline, uniforms, and a lot of marching. He likes rooms to conduct themselves with the utmost order and decorum. I enjoy large fountains, tree-lined streets, extravagant home puppet theaters, and statues that remind me of the Reverend Mother’s chiseled cheekbones.

  3. It took me a long time before I was able to love Grease. It's so confusingly gay -- even for a musical -- that it was difficult for me to understand as a child why it was supposed to be a good thing that Danny and Sandy eventually started touching one another. It took reaching adulthood before I was finally able to appreciate it on its own merits. Grease is the movie you would get if…