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  1. Previously in this series: If Idris Elba Were Your Boyfriend. If Natalie Dormer were your girlfriend, you’d meet-cute at an academic lecture (open to the public), when she approached you afterwards to compliment you on the question you raised in the post-lecture Q&A. At first you’d be surprised to see her there, but upon further reflection, you wouldn’t be surprised at all. ‘I completely agree that we need to emphasise feminist and postcolonial perspectives…

  2. Jen Melchert last wrote for The Toast about perfidy.

    Things you will need:

    * Electric clippers, full-size or of the "personal area" variety

    * Mirrors, lots of them

    * A lot of time. More than that. Like, eleven times as long as that.

    * Absolute solitude

    * 2-8 cups of tea, depending on how many times you repeat step 4

    So you've seen pictures of Natalie Dormer