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  1. The Toast's previous literary pilgrimages can be found here. As soon as I say the word “Concord” to the woman selling rail tickets, I’m terrified that she knows everything about me. After all, if you don’t have a car of your own, you have to actually tell someone you want to go to Concord before you can get there. With a population of only 17,000, it’s not a destination for anyone to visit casually.

  2. In the video, I'm seated behind an electronic keyboard with a few pairs of shoes balancing out the shot. I've brushed my hair until it shines even in the lack of light; I know enough to aim a lamp at my face, but I haven't yet invested in a professional setup or, in fact, in a camera better than my little Flip, which is balanced on a stack of books to get it to

  3. Previously in this series: How To Tell If You Are In A Haruki Murakami Novel.

    1. You are young, though you find yourself growing up very quickly.

    2. You are ridiculously talented at one very specific thing.

    3. So are your siblings. Each of you has a separate, distinct talent, which is fortunate because it means you never have to compete with each other.

    4. You’ve never taken a