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  1. Emilia isn’t only a mouthpiece for the despair of the viewer; she is a witness to the violence committed against her friend, and an active agent in her own fate. “I care not for thy sword,” Emilia says to Othello, when she discovers what he’s done. “I’ll make thee known, though I lost twenty lives.”

  2. DIRTBAG SHAKESPEARE imagines modern remakes of Shakespearean plays with a teenage dirtbag cast. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Previously: Dirtbag Macbeth. RODERIGO: Iago IAGO [lights cigarette over trash can fire]: thats what my mom calls me RODERIGO: you said you would help me marry Desdemona IAGO: you got it pal RODERIGO: but I heard not five minutes ago she married Othello IAGO: oh shit i knew i forgot to tell you something…

  3. The sound of a door shutting is heard from below.

    They do not move.

    She waits, at the end of patience.

    Half-dressed, comes to the door.

    Gropes distractedly about, seizes HELMER'S domino, throws it round her, while she says in quick, hoarse, spasmodic whispers.


    She holds her face up to his.

    He stifles her.