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  1. She wasn't perfect. "Throw the ball," her tough sports coach yelled at her. "Ahh," she said, and she squeezed her eyes closed, and threw. The ball exploded. Then she fell down the stairs. "Oh no," she moaned. "How am I supposed to do business at the bottom of the stairs?"


    She wasn't perfect. She had two different colored eyes, which is definitely a flaw and not a magnetic, compelling, unusual form

  2. She was not a beautiful woman, but men found her very attractive, because of her beautiful face and also her body. "She was not a beautiful woman, but she was well-dressed, quite pretty and, as I quickly realized, very intelligent. She was a good listener, but did not say much herself. After dinner I managed to spend a lot of time talking to her. I learned that she was a biologist doing research with Professor…