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  1. BROOK SHELLEY: welcome, folks! FRANCES LEE: hi, made it in! MALLORY: hi everybody! BROOK: maybe we should have a little intro section, since I don’t think everyone knows each other. I’m Brook - I am 31, and a white trans lesbian. I live in Portland, OR with my cat Snorri. I work in tech, and write for a few places. I’ve been out for a while.

  2. Previous installments can be found here. There will be spoilers. “An historian” is a perfectly acceptable Commonwealth convention, haters to the left [side of the road]. My heart constricts whenever Thomas Barrow comes onscreen. He’s manipulative, scheming, and consistently creepy, but he’s the only recurring gay character. I wouldn’t like him if I knew him in person, but I have to root for him; that’s what limited representation means. And I hate the show a…

  3. Previously in the Femslash Friday series: Frenchy and Rizzo, Grease's butch-femme pairing for the ages. I'm in Hollywood this week for the Turner Classic Film Festival, as is my yearly custom, and for reasons of both convenience and thematic what's-the-word-I-want-it-isn't-congruence-it's-something-else, I have decided to honor classic Hollywood with this week's entry. Let us step back to an era where every Friday was Femslash Friday, when having sex with Mercedes de Acosta and Alla…