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  1. The Toast's previous coverage of the Lyubov Orlova can be found here. Since the ship broke free from its towline in Atlantic waters and the ocean current swept it over the eastern horizon a year ago, the Lyubov Orlova has become fodder for our collective lurid imaginations. Fodder that just keeps on giving. Earlier this year the Daily Mail interviewed a Belgian ship salvager named Pim De Rhoodes, and reported his assertion it…

  2. There is a cannibal rat ship: A ghost ship supposedly crewed by hundreds of cannibal rats could be heading to British shores, experts fear. The Lyubov Orlova cruise ship, named after a Russian actress, has been adrift in the North Atlantic for the past 12 months. Coastguards now believe the floating derelict, cut loose near Canada in 2013, could be driven thousands of miles towards Britain following the recent storms, according to the Sun.