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  1. I started working as a writer for reality TV the same week I graduated from my MFA program. For eight hours a day, I sorted through footage of uniformed men and wrote deep-bellied voiceovers full of puns that would make your dad cringe for a show that I will refer to as "Rural Cops."

  2. Redwall: Live!

    A great actor reads aloud from Brian Jacques’ Redwall series in front of a crackling fire. (They do all the voices really well.)

    Interesting Bookstores

    In-depth profiles of small-town independent bookstores across the world, including interviews with the owners, patrons, and any cats-in-residence.

  3. Sisterhood of Hip-Hop is anti-ratchet reality TV. The Oxygen reality show produced by T.I. follows five female MC’s as they hustle their way to stardom. Sisterhood, attempting to be an alternative to Love and Hip-Hop, tries to portray the rappers in a three-dimensional way that makes you root for them to succeed.

    The show begins by focusing on Siya, a New York rapper who wants to be “the first openly gay rapper" in