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  1. I finally got to see Shanghai Express, which coincidentally was also my first movie with Anna May Wong, which I was TREMENDOUSLY excited about, and who did not disappoint. Oh man, her delivery of "I must confess. I don't quite know the standard of respectability that you demand in your boardinghouse, Mrs. Haggerty" made me lose the entirety of my itness.

  2. God, that's an awful, awful name. I'm going to have to find a better series title. Anyhow, here is one of the many flawless songs from Dewey Cox, it is a note-perfect imitation of Brian Wilson's "Smile," which I have never listened to, but that's what everyone keeps telling me it is, and I love it, so.

  3. This isn't the State, obviously. Matter of fact, I've had a devil of a time finding State clips online at all, and am going to have to find a new title for "Mallory finds comedy clips, generally from white male citizens of the British Commonwealth Mondays" soon enough.