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  1. Previously by Sophia Dembling: Red Cloud, Nebraska: A Literary Pilgrimage to Willa Cather Country The Pro Football Hall of Fame and the First Ladies National Historic Site are both located in Canton, Ohio. Can you guess which one is 118,000 square feet of million-dollar interactive razzle-dazzle, and which one…isn't? In researching my book, 100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go, I visited many sites focused on women's history. And while they were all fascinating…

  2. The Toast’s previous literary pilgrimages can be found here.

    Growing up in the heart of New York City, I hardly believed places like Nebraska and Kansas were real; they sounded as foreign to me as Madagascar and Timbuktu. I took my first cross-country drive at age 19 and was immediately and irreversibly enchanted by the cows and cornfields, enormous sky and straight, hypnotic highways of America's heartland.