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  1. Keeper was a dog with many bad habits, the most offensive of which was the pleasure he took in stretching out on forbidden beds. The residents of Haworth Parsonage had duly warned the mastiff-mutt that such behavior was unwelcome in their tidy home and suggested to him that he instead find more suitable arrangements in a warm corner of the floor. But Keeper, it seemed, had little regard for the famous residents of

  2. Young Woman Using Smartphone at Sunset

    Last week, purveyor of stock photography Getty Images introduced the “Lean In Collection,” a new collection of 2,500 photographs created in partnership with Sheryl Sandberg’s ever-growing empire. Meant to remedy the historic wrongs that stock photography has inflicted upon women, the collection--which promises to expand--currently touts photographs that “represent women and families in more empowering ways.” Since women have leaned in to nearly every inanimate object…

  3. While performing at the Grammys in January, Taylor Swift’s hair did something: it flipped – or, more accurately, it was expressively tossed by the anguished throes of her head and neck. Swift did a bit of heartbreak induced head-banging, her backlit golden hair looked haloesque, and it moved fans to wallow in a briny pool of their own tears. Swift’s hairography is something worth talking about. From the blonde ringlets of her early country music…