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  1. Kelly Davio's previous Waiting Room columns for The Butter can be found here. In my mid-twenties, I sat for my first and only tattoo. It’s a sizable piece on my left shoulder: a wax-sealed envelope nestled in a bed of primroses. In my mind, it was a reminder that, regardless of the bad news of life—the rejection, the failure, the royal screw-ups—good news would come for me, too. There would be acceptances, success, and…

  2. If they did tattoos in ancient Palestine, Jesus would get one, for sure, along with all the disciples. They could get matching stick-and-pokes.

  3. It was a decade ago that Lauren and I got matching tattoos, three-inch flames on the inside of our right biceps. The guy who did them was stocky, cranky and wearing a leather vest. In the next chair, a girl no older than us was wincing tearfully as she got her boyfriend's name inked onto her hip inside a fat red heart. I'd be lying if I said the contrast didn’t make us feel a…