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  1. Previously: haters of the sea. The desert is a barren wasteland devoid of all life but haters and trolls. Nothing can grow there; the ground itself is a griefer. "Oh, sorry, were you trying to grow roots," the desert says to pretty much every plant. "How about just kill yourself." This is why humans invented things like oases; we like to remind haters that no matter how sandy and gritty they get, you can't…

  2. Fiction is full of spinsters, each one greater and more terrible than the last. Here are some of the more common species seen in the wild. Ready To Defrost (Harmless/Temporary) There is nothing wrong with these women. More to be pitied than censured; they simply were not born for the Cause. They are more likely to be librarians than anything else. Their glasses exist only to be whipped off. Their hair is up only to be…

  3. To learn about the wily bisexual, you may read this instead.

    Much has been made in recent years of Lesbian Taxonomy—personality quizzes abound, and the lexicon swells with Sapphic terminology. But despite strides in genetic sequencing, no study has yet attempted to sort the Lesbian into her proper genetic tree. This is not surprising as, like the platypus, Lesbians were long thought to be a hoax, a fever dreamt up by ladies