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    After my daughter was born, I thought about getting her astrological chart done. It would be fun for her to have the information when she was older, if only to roll her eyes at her mother. I realized, though, that maybe it wasn’t really a present for her.

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    If you are growing a human, from about 30 weeks onwards it should be head down in your womb, biding its time until it’s ready to smash its way through your vaginal canal. Unfortunately some babies are lazy, have a poor sense of direction or just want to mess with you and your plan for a perfect unassisted home birth and

  3. On the first day of our IVF cycle, Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize. I was up early for a routine blood test and ultrasound appointment and found out as soon as the news broke. On my way out the door I saw one of her books on the bookshelf, a best-of collection I’d bought at an airport while waiting out a delay. At the time, I’d found the thickness of the collection comforting, reassuring.