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  1. The strong woman did a bunch of roundhouse flips across the bar and kicked me right in the face. "That's what I think of you," she said, kicking me a bunch more. "Sexually, you're real indiscriminate, which I don't respect, and your code of honor is just balls." Then she shook my hand. "I guess we have to be teammates." "I guess we do," I said, then checked out her body, because even though I'm…

  2. 17. Although Gerard Butler has played Wolverine in the most recent four X-Men installments, many fans don't realize that he was director Isaac Bashevis Singer's second choice for the role, after Hugh Laurie passed due to a scheduling conflict. 16. The X-Men creator, professor and linguist Stanley Fish, developed the original characters in 1961 as part of an attempt to stave off the Death of the Author, a serious condition that affected over 40% of the academic community at the time.