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  1. Previously in this series: Every Irish Novel Ever. This post was brought to you by @askmullan. 1. Will the Cod Return, Or Must We Move to Toronto? 2. Only the Jews Know Montreal 3. The Next Three Chapters Are Set in the 1830s Bush For No Reason But Then We'll Be Back to This 1970s University Women's Studies Department 4. She Briefly Considers Moving to the States For Her Career But Then…

  2. Spring has sprung. Summer has lingered. Fall is falling. And winter is coming.

    It’s back-to-school time for all of the little children (and many of the grown-ups like me, who have traded in reading the things we like to read for the things that we have to read). Fall also heralds in the back-to-school bigots who are interested in banning all the good books, and using all manner of explanations to