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In which Nicole gamely attempts to help Toast readers with some functionality stuff, and provides you an opportunity to bring other technology-related weirdness to our collective attention.

Problem and Solution the First:

IntenseDebate (our commenting system) changed the way they deal with WordPress logins, APPARENTLY back in April, but in reality, it didn’t start doing anything weird until last week.

1. If you have just an IntenseDebate account, you are fine.
2. If you have an IntenseDebate account which you’ve connected to WordPress, you’re fine.
3. If you have just a WordPress account, you would have been asked, via a pop-up, to connect that account to IntenseDebate.
4. If you have an ad/pop-up blocker, you would not see it, you just would not be able to login to certain threads.
5. We have no idea why some threads are impacted, and not others.

To fix it, the next time you find that you are weirdly locked out of a comment thread, disable your ad/pop-up blocker and go in again. You’ll probably be asked to connect your commenting account. Do so. Profit. Then you can re-engage your blocking software if you want, I’m not your mom.

Problem and Solution the Second:

We switched to a new caching widget last week, and since then, when you come to The Toast, sometimes it looks as though we haven’t updated for a few days or hours. This is nonsense, we write things all the time. We’ve mostly fixed it on our end (um, no, our tech goth has mostly fixed it on our end, let’s be honest), but if you’re still experiencing lags, clear your cache and do a hard refresh, and all our exciting femslash should magically appear.

Problem and No-Solution the Third:

This is only a problem for those of you who read The Toast via Feedly (or other RSS provider). When an article has more than one page, the RSS feed just shows you the first page and then cuts off, giving no indication that there ARE any more pages. This one, we don’t have a solution to yet, but we’re all ears. In the meantime, if you read via RSS, and a piece seems to end abruptly, I’d recommend clicking through.

Now, if you have any follow-up questions, you are welcome to ask them (and, honestly, we’d love to hear any other functionality comments), as long as you know that I have basically no idea, and am just waiting for Maria to show up in the comments and provide actual help and feedback.

Okay! You can tell us that the italics look kind of weird, now.

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