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  1. Acanthis – there is one fear and it has one name and you will learn it

    Flowering Almond – that was not my hand, it was not my hand you were holding in the dark

    Aster – if they tell you that they know me they are lying

    Azalea – a drowning this year

    Bay Wreath – the woods have changed, do not walk out of sight of the churchyard

  2. Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself. She said it -- as she said it every day -- to an empty room, just a little after nine o'clock in the morning, and appeared satisfied with the answer. She spent a moment arranging herself. Shoes had become more difficult since the war -- which war she wasn't quite sure of at the moment, for some reason -- so she finally gave up on putting…

  3. Hey hey! me and the guys are renting a yacht and heading to Croatia for this open-air festival want to come?? oh are you guys still doing that? well its not like a rental but we know a guy who says we can use his boat and he's super cool when are you leaving? mmm idk lemme check okay oh also we don’t have any sleeping space left on the yacht but we’re just gonna…