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I’m sure you believe something weird. I’m relatively superstition-free, but I have close friends who are Russians, and some Russians (PLAYFUL STEREOTYPING, YOU ARE A DELIGHTFUL PEOPLE) are basically 13th century doctors in terms of their attachment to semi-magical ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from the vagaries of fate.

EXAMPLE: Wishing someone a happy birthday before their actual birthday. Or having a party before their actual birthday. It’s out! It’s right out. My friend’s brother, in violation of superstition, held his birthday party before the day of, and my friend quietly sang: “Goodbye to your old year / goodbye to your old year / goodbye goodbye goodbye to your old year” while everyone else sang the canonical song I will not transcribe here lest I have to pay royalties.

What do you believe in? What does your grandmother believe in?

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