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This is why your professor hated you, and probably still does.

“Remember to breathe when cisgender friends who think they’re being supportive describe trans men as ‘female-bodied’.”

The world’s loveliest and dirtiest profile of Edie Windsor. Paywalled, but what a great time to subscribe.

Flannery O’Connor: it’s all about the money, money. She did not want to make the world dance, etc.

I don’t see color.

The New Yorker‘s David Denby can be pushed too far.

From the dangerous duo who bring you Dad Magazine once a month: “Curse of the Dying Dutchman” (now in finished form!)

Block your ex before they block you.

Twenty years of Dazed and Confused.


Our own Kate Harding’s new book is now available for pre-order!

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