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Worried about what to wear this Halloween? Worry no more. (Some costumes may require a working knowledge of Edwardian-era architecture/light hand replacement.) This year, why not try dressing as:

…bell “Captain” hooks? Slash at the twin crocodiles of racism and sexism with the hooks of righteousness and self-knowledge.



…Radclyffe Hall? For a group costume, get a friend to go as The Well of Loneliness. 20131017_mollybrooks_radclyffehallyoulivein


…Ursula “The K is for Sea Witch” LeGuin? Just wear your regular Ursula costume, but smile warmly and build rich universes wherever you go. 20131013_mollybrooks_ursulatheearthseawitch


…Octavia and Judith Butler? Bodies That Matter, tuxes that flatter.



Lord Audre Lorde, ruler of all she surveys? Master’s tools not included; master’s house does not come pre-assembled. 20131013_mollybrooks_audrethelorde

Text, puns, and concept by Mallory Ortberg. Jen Hickman is a comic artist and illustrator with a penchant for drawing luxurious hair, arguments, arguments in the rain, and small spats between minor background characters.

Molly Brooks is a freelance illustrator/bookbinder/comicker from Nashville.

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