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darling Emma
have you seen our friend Mr. Martin?
he was to take me to tea this afternoon but he isn’t here
oh Harriet!
do you really still like him??

I did
i told him you were not virtuous
and i think that got rid of him
i didn’t think you still liked him
you wouldn’t have liked him for much longer anyhow
lol what would your name even have been if you married him
“Mrs. Farmer”??
that’s not even a name, Harriet
“hi I’m Mrs. Farmer I’m married to a farm”
bugs live on farms, Harriet
for another thing
he is dreadful at whist
do you want to come over and play whist??

i think it was Mr. Martin
i definitely told SOMEONE you were not virtuous

idk who exactly but
it was for sure definitely someone

I want to make a new house rule
no more servants getting married
remember when Miss Taylor got married?
it was awful
we didn’t have enough people in the house to play whist for weeks
I guess what I’m trying to say
is I told Hannah she has to turn down Mr. Smith
I was firm but fair
she’s the only one in the servant’s hall to ever lead a grand slam
and she wanted to throw that away
just because she is with child
want to come downstairs and play whist???

One new voicemail from Jane Fairfax
Press 7 to save your message
Press 8 to delete your message

Command not recognized
Your message has been deleted

do you know what I can’t stand
reserved people
oh my god right
I could definitely never marry a reserved person
ahhhhhh Frank
I’m the same
me too I’m the same way

do you know what I LOVE though
living life to the fullest
shut up
and dancing
and whist??
oh totally whist
whisting to the fullest
I agree completely
we’re like the same person
the same not-reserved person
I’ve never met anyone like you
would you like to come over and play whist?
no —
not whist

ahhh sorry can’t
i’m married

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