The Best 1930s Stock Characters -The Toast

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dumontStartled Dowager

Girl Holding Dog

Drunk Butler

Pilot With Not Enough Parachutes

Hard-Drinking Prospector

‘I Say’ Top Hat Man

Cop Who Doesn’t Believe Anything

Lion Tamer In Love With Acrobat

No Guff-Taking Waitress

Shopgirl With Only One Mink Coat

Lonely Stenographer

Man Who Drops Packages

Red-Haired Song-and-Dance Man

Italian Snake in the Grass

Secretly Wounded Divorcée

Sexual Male Cheerleader

Man Whose Car Won’t Start

“Say, Just What Are You Getting At” Cigar Man

Increasingly Confused Traffic Policeman

Awful Rich Face

Pyramid of Line-Dancing Women Covered in Feathers

Second Banana

White Slaver

“Say, What’s The Gag?” Gal

Lustful Soda Jerk

Zeppelin Director

Sleepy Rich Husband

Flabby Boxer

College Boy With Ukelele

Sneering Mustache Swordsman

Dancing Girl Who Shows Her Knees

Tall Lesbian With Cigarettes

A Millionaire and A Hobo Who Are Best Friends

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