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  1. Your hair is immaculately slicked back, except for a single curl that falls over an eyebrow. Your left eyebrow.

    You have an unusually attractive cigarette lighter you cannot stop fingering. It is mother-of-pearl.

    You offer a crying woman your handkerchief, but there is no sympathy in your voice.

    Why, you'd do anything for your friends.

  2. Startled Dowager

    Girl Holding Dog

    Drunk Butler

    Pilot With Not Enough Parachutes

    Hard-Drinking Prospector

    'I Say' Top Hat Man

    Cop Who Doesn't Believe Anything

    Lion Tamer In Love With Acrobat

    No Guff-Taking Waitress

    Shopgirl With Only One Mink Coat

    Lonely Stenographer