History’s Smuggest Brides: Vintage Engagement Photos That Perfectly Embody The Spirit Of “I Got Mine” -The Toast

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engagement“Oh, hello, Myrtle — gosh, but it’s been so long. It’s lovely to see you again. What have y–”

“Bitch, I got mine.”



engagement14“Oh, hello. I suppose you must have noticed that the three of us have got ours.”

engagement11“Pardon me. I didn’t notice you come in. I’ve been too busy getting mine.”

engagement7“I GOT MINE.”

engagement3“Yes, I’m quite aware that he’s looking at me, thanks ever so. I know he is, because I’ve got mine.”

engagement5whispers intently “Motherfucker, I have got mine. Yes, you can crop him out of the frame, just keep the ring front and center.”

engagement8“Yes, I’ve got mine. Don’t you think you’d better look away now and focus on getting yours?”

engagement10“I don’t care if he is. I’ve got mine, and only just in time, too.”

engagement12Oh, yes. That’s the look of a woman who’s Got Hers.

engagement2“Oh, hello. Fancy running into you here. As you can see, I’ve got mine.”

engagement6The quiet satisfaction of a woman who has gotten hers.

engagement4 “Oh, yes, girls, I’ve got mine. I’ve got mine.”

engagement9“You’ll forgive me for not making eye contract just now, darling, but as you can see, I’ve only very recently Got Mine, so I just don’t have the time to go looking at you anymore.”

engagement13“Not much to look at, but I got mine, just the same.”

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