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  1. In addition, some 789 of her non-liturgical verses survive. Many are epigrams or aphorisms called "gnomic verse". An example:

    I hate the rich man moaning as if he were poor.

  2. Previously by S.H. Carlyle: Tips on Interviewing Your Doula Piggyback of Maniacal Laughter: Bride gets on groom's back. Groom holds her up and turns with a smile, as if to say "How did YOU get up there?" Woman offers wry smile in return, perhaps implying: "How about YOU carry ME for a while, the same way I carried you for two years while you were finishing that PhD you're not using." This Barn is…

  3. "Oh, hello, Myrtle -- gosh, but it's been so long. It's lovely to see you again. What have y--" "Bitch, I got mine." "Myrtle?" "BITCH. I. GOT. MINE." "Oh, hello. I suppose you must have noticed that the three of us have got ours."…