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1. The Emptiness And Banalities Of Rural Life Are Disgusting

2. The Baroness Is Seduced

3. The Student’s Slow, Painful Disillusionment Takes Place Over A Marvelous Nine-Course Banquet

4. A Casual Remark Drives The Gendarme To Suicide

5. An Anti-Semitic Aside

6. A Young Woman Cynically Eats A Pheasant

7. A Mid-Level Bureaucrat Tells A Harmless Lie That Results In The Death Of Dozens

8. Liberties Are Delightfully Taken

9. A Prostitute Remembers The Past Fondly

10. A Charming Letter Is Received With Malice

11. A Symbol Of Human Decency Dies Horribly

12. Nothing Is As It Seems

13. Satisfaction Proves Elusive To The Country Doctor

14. Convention Is Overturned

15. Nothing Is Any Good And Here Is An Exhaustive Description Of The Internal Rules Governing The Parisian Baker’s Union

16. 400 Pages Analyzing Waterloo

17. The Bishop’s Atheism Is Revealed Over A Listless Game Of Cards

18. Suicide: Why Not?

19. The Affair Becomes Less Exciting As Time Wears On

20. Time Wears On

21. The Libertine Plucks The Lace At His Cuffs And Laughs Lightly Before Dying

22. The Baroness Is Corrupted

23. The Hypocrisies And Machinations Of Court Life Are Disgusting

24. The Baroness Is Disgraced

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