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wish upon a star
“brain transplant”

“CIA experiment”

“mind-swapping machine”

“mind-swapping technology”

“pressing the button on a computer in Heaven”

“body switching machine”

“mind-swapping helmets”

“wish from magic stone”

“wizard’s spell”

“magic potion”

“kids cast voodoo spell”

“demonic ritual”

“alien powers”

“Mystic with soul transfer ability”

“lightning strikes mind-reading device”

“unknown means”

“Warden powers to swap minds of two sleeping participants”

“wish during planetary alignment”

“drank a potion”

“side-effect of teleportation spell”

“urinating at magic fountain”

“badly programmed dimensional light machine that professor activates by accident”

“science experiment on ancient African beetle goes wrong”

“wish during full moon”

“Christmas wish”


“statue casts a spell”

“magic wind”


“Heart Swap attack”

“Indian idol”

“touched weird artifact”

“magical research”

“magic mirror”

“sharing magic liquor bottle”

“train malfunction”

“Yogurt machine”

“fortune cookies”

“magic typewriter”

“spell on a paper”

“device (mad scientist)”

“aboriginal leash of dreams”

“spell by alien”

“spell by Puppet King”

“spell by magician”

“combination of spell and brain scan”

“ball of light”

“magic bell”


“ingesting Gorgon’s blood”

“mind-loading machine loads wrong data”

“collided in mid-air and struck by lightning during a thunderstorm”

“wish during Aurora Borealis”

“spell by Lisa”

“lightning storms”

“magic toilet”

“car accident”

“activated by head-butt”

“arguing under stars”

“inhale laughing gas at a dentist’s office”

“magic biscuits”

“one night stand”

“magic dragon phone”

“mysterious headache”


“magic earmuffs”

“homeless person”

“soccer ball from fortune bag”

“magic taquitos”

“staring at fox’s eyes”

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