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changeling20-1 months 

  • Capable of babbling at parents and other familiar figures
  • Often seen speaking to a presence invisible
  • Vocalizations come from someplace deeper and more primal than the throat
  • Caul of silk appears around the face
  • Soul impermanence

1-3 months

  • Begins holding grudges and crafting crude effigies
  • Sudden changes in breathing
  • Minor shapeshifting
  • Laughs at the tragically comic
  • Skin very hot, too hot

4-6 months

  • Hides in chimney for upwards of 2-3 weeks at a time
  • Witch hands
  • Discontented and wearisome; groans a heavy groan and sighs a heavy sign
  • Shadow doubles may appear
  • Time abyss
  • Feathers in lungs
  • Ceases to experience delight
  • Begins propping self up on elbows and handling small knives

6 months-1 year

  • All clocks stop when child enters a room
  • Speaks backwards
  • Moon allergy
  • Heart often vanishes
  • Hair takes on shape of Witch’s Ladder
  • Can’t touch iron
  • Everything hurts
  • Demonstrates independence by starting quarrels with the Cunning Folk
  • Appearance of Vengeance Limbs

1 year-18 months

  • First appearance of blood teeth
  • Imagination becomes real
  • Eyes no longer close
  • Magic transitions from white to “grey”
  • Can no longer be bound by cords or knots
  • Dwells in the dirt
  • Raccoon hands
  • Haunted by Memory Twin
  • Can draw simple shapes, then jump through them into strange worlds beyond
  • Gains ability to cross running water

18 months-3 years


[Image by Andy Paciorek; other work available here]

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