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misandry1Dumb Dicks

The League of Frightened Men

Forty Naughty Girls

Follow The Lady

The Warrior’s Husband

Girls Will Be Boys

Men Are Such Fools

Bringing Up Father

Kept Husband

To Oblige A Lady

A Woman Alone

What, No Men!

Women Who Work

She’s Got Everything

A Woman With Power of Attorney

misandry4She (Who Must Be Obeyed)

Three Smart Girls

They Learned About Women

The Legion Of Missing Men

Give Her A Ring

Almost A Gentleman

The Meanest Gal In Town

misandry2Twin Husbands

The Wife’s Family

The Lady Refuses

At Your Orders, Madame

The Compulsory Husband

Madame Satan

The Woman Racket

This Man Is Mine

The Merry Widow

The Devil Is A Woman

No One Man

Ladies Crave Excitement

The Richest Girl In The World

Widow’s Might

misandry7Should Ladies Behave?

Smartest Girl In Town

The Timid Young Man

Granny Had No Worries

Give Me A Sailor

He Was Her Man

The Model Husband

Women Who Play

Patricia Gets Her Man

Day-Time Wife

Girls Demand Excitement

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