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129483_34.99“The Jazzman Had Nothing To Say”

“A Relatively Subdued Horn Line”

“No One Was Out For A Walk On Greene Street”

“A Quiet Game Of Cards”

“Two Men Go Driving With A Specific Destination In Mind And Arrive There Promptly”

“Neither The Queen Of Spain Nor A Ramblin’ Joker Have Advice For Me”

“I’ve Never Ridden An Armadillo”

“No Jungian Shadow Figures Feature Prominently In My Life Story”

“A Faustian Bargain Has Been Avoided”

“These Overnight Greyhound Bus Passengers Bear No Resemblance To Souls On A Ship Of The Damned”

“I Wouldn’t Care For Any Drugs Or Eight-Minute Synth Interludes, Thanks All The Same”

“Polytonality, Like Riverboat Gambling, Just Isn’t For Me”

“You Can Keep All Your Teeth In Your Head”

“Let’s Not Go Uptown Tonight”

“Session Musicians Are More Trouble Than They’re Worth”

“This Love Story Doesn’t Have Any Math In It”

“Let’s Live In Houses And Apartment Buildings Instead Of At The Bottom Of The Wine-Dark Sea”

“Men In Business Suits May Still Have Rich Internal Lives”

“Tone Down That Slap Bass”

“Let’s Not Sexually Approach Our Cousins But Instead Return To The Oil Rig”

“You Won’t Have To Look Up Any Of These Nouns Or Cross-Reference These Lyrics With The Charlemagne Legends”

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