The Boxcar Children, Redux -The Toast

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boxcar2HENRY: Father is dead

THE TOWN: get out, you orphans

THE BAKER: I’ll sell you to just about anyone

BENNY: this old train is asleep

VIOLET: lets live in it, instead of society

HENRY: we won’t like the grandpa man

BENNY: i found this pink trash to eat off of

HENRY: that’s good

JESS: lets dip our bread in milk for some reason

BENNY: there are no adults here
and i sleep on a bag

JESS: showering can be fun

HENRY: let’s do chores all the time

VIOLET: lets use the river for a fridge and put everything we cherish in it

JESS: someday we’ll solve crimes

HENRY: all of our ideas are good, I will be our father now

JESS: Benny you must learn to read

the dog is my father now

GRANDPA: i’m grandpa
i make people run for money

VIOLET: lets stop living in this old train

BENNY: lets never live in it again

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