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ALIEN: i’m dying

JAKE: oh no
i’m twelve

ALIEN: here is power in a box to become animals

JAKE: we’ll do that

ALIEN: but only be animals for a little while
and use it to fight aliens

TOBIAS: im sad all the time

RACHEL: i’ve always wanted to kill everything, this is good

TOBIAS: im a bird but all the time now

RACHEL: good let’s go out

CASSIE: i dont want to kill anything but im very good at turning into animals

TOBIAS: im always a bird AND im always sad both all the time now

RACHEL: i love you sad bird
you’re my boyfriend but i’ll never stop fighting

JAKE: let’s touch animals and then be animals and then not be animals again

CASSIE: yes lets

TOM: my brain is just full of aliens

JAKE: i hate these aliens

DIFFERENT ALIENS: we love turning into animals all the time

JAKE: i love these aliens

MARCO: im a giraffe and also a teen

CASSIE: i’m ants i’m rhinos i’m school and also i’m war but i don’t want to be

RACHEL: i’m kissing feathers and i love it

TOBIAS: kraw kraw
kraw kraw

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