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  1. Previously: The Boxcar Children.

    ALIEN: i'm dying

    JAKE: oh no
    i'm twelve

    ALIEN: here is power in a box to become animals

    JAKE: we'll do that

    ALIEN: but only be animals for a little while
    and use it to fight aliens

    TOBIAS: im sad all the time

  2. I know that I am not the only Toast reader who was regularly scolded for sitting on the sidelines and reading a book during recess. It is when we enter a lively discussion about the dubious science/historical accuracy/ psychological validity of a beloved book series that I feel most connected to you all. So when Mallory brought up the topic—first through Twitter, and then on this very site—of the scientific basis of Animorphs, I…

  3. I was going to ask these questions to my brother, who is a scientist and also used to read Animorphs with me when we were kids, but he only answered some of them before going to bed, so I turn to you, the good people of the Toast. 1. I assume you are familiar with Clarke's law of science fiction writing, which states in part that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." With this…