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1. The Produce In This Los Angeles Supermarket, While Fresh, Seems Waxy And False To Me In A Way That Serves As A Moral Indictment Of This Entire City

2. A Farmer And A Forty-Niner Vie For Hilda’s Hand (Hilda Is A Metaphor For The Future Of California)

3. Death At The Mission

4. 400 Pages About Irrigation

5. I Don’t Know If Anyone Has Mentioned This Before, But People Don’t Seem To Walk As Much In Los Angeles As They Do In The City I’m From

6. A Tense Dinner At The Ranch

7. She Came From Sacramento And Knew Who Her Grandfather Was

8. No One Goes To San Diego

9. The Okies Are Further Disillusioned Upon Arrival

10. This Pool, Like L.A. Society, Is Only Reflective On The Surface And Also Lacks Depth

11. The 1960s Are Upon Us At Last

12. How Can You Develop Character In A State Without Winter?

13. Everyone Sits In Their Cars, Moving In The Same Direction But Unable To Touch: A Description Of Traffic But Also Of Life

14. The Film Industry Is Corrupt

15. Here In San Francisco, We Make Our Own Families (Out Of Friends)

16. John Muir Climbs A Tree And Describes It For Thirty-Eight Pages

17. Comparing the 1, the 101, the 5, and the 99 At Length

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