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  1. 1. Surely Our Unhappy Marriage Will Be Revived In Paris

    2. Our Marriage Deteriorates Even In Paris

    3. Perhaps If We Were To Try...An Open Marriage

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    1. The Red, Red Dirt Understands

    2. There's A Sense Of Malaise And Decay Hovering Over This Old Plantation; I Can't Imagine What Lies In The Not-So-Distant Past That Caused It

    3. The Waitress Served Biscuits In A Manner Both Polite Yet Somehow Unwelcoming

    4. We Don't Speak Of What Happened To The Girl

  3. 1. An Uneasy Alliance With The French

    2. This Music Has A Whiff Of Papal Decadence About It; Are You Quite Sure You Are A Member Of The Elect?

    3. Our Dreams Died With The Boy At Culloden

    4. Ellen Refuses To Enter Into A Loveless Marriage As Her Highland Spirit Must Roam Free Or Be Broken

  4. Previously: Every New England novel ever. 1. The Produce In This Los Angeles Supermarket, While Fresh, Seems Waxy And False To Me In A Way That Serves As A Moral Indictment Of This Entire City 2. A Farmer And A Forty-Niner Vie For Hilda's Hand (Hilda Is A Metaphor For The Future Of California) 3. Death At The Mission 4. 400 Pages About Irrigation…

  5. Previously: Every Irish novel ever.

    1. A Foreboding Trip To The Old Manse

    2. Exchanging Words At The Maple-Tapping Party

    3. Everyone Refused To Come Downstairs

    4. No One Redecorates The Violet Room

    5. Children Who Speak Out Of Turn Will Have No Maple Candy At Christmas-Tide