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Before we get into Toast Points this week: Six Baltimore police officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death:

Six Baltimore police officers have been charged with several counts, including one who was charged with second-degree murder, in the high-profile death of Freddie Gray, who died from injuries suffered in police custody, State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby said Friday.

Mosby said warrants have been issued for the arrest of the officers, including a lieutenant and a sergeant. Gray suffered a spinal injury after he was arrested April 12 and died after riding in a police transport van that made several stops.

The charges against some of the officers include involuntary manslaughter, assault, failure to render aid and other counts.

“I assured his family that no one is above the law, and I would pursue justice on their behalf,” Mosby said.

This week at The Toast:

Mo Moulton wrote a gorgeous essay about Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey, her own marriage, and what it means to want and have an equal relationship. I have read it, oh, about six times now, and will probably read it six more times at least. (And EVEN THOUGH Mo’s essay was flawless and everything anyone could possibly want, we’ll probably still have a Gaudy Night roundtable sometime, eventually, because this reminded me how much I want to have one.)

Nicole’s amazing aunt, Joanne McAlpine, wrote a powerful series of vignettes about the years she spent working in women’s shelters.

Josh Gondelman made his Toast debut channeling Karl Ove Knausgaard reviewing everything else in America.

Rebecca Huval interviewed Janet Champ about her career in advertising, her famously feminist ads for Nike, and sexism in the industry.

Nicole gave us The Double Kimmy Schmidt Workout (built upon the theory that you can stand anything for twenty seconds) and just reading it made me feel winded; I don’t think I am fit enough to work here.

Mallory told us why a butterfly is just a moth lie and I was well and truly horrified.

Johannah and Joe chatted with Rahawa Haile about The Stars My Destination.

Mia Hooper wrote us an absolutely lovely story, “Fincan,” and everyone was surprised when there was no super weird/grisly ending. Sometimes we like to shake things up, you guys. Keep you on your toes.

Marika’s poetic advice is always so restorative and hits just the right note, doesn’t it? I don’t even make art in a small town, and I loved this.

“By now I’ve talked about being assaulted dozens of times. I am someone who talks about it ‘easily.’ In cold, clinical, and sometimes combative tones, I’ve told the story because I wish more people would. I’ve told it because hearing these stories can be helpful, and I’ve told it to distance myself from the shame – to say, over and over again, this isn’t about me. This is a thing that happens to people; this is a thing that happens every day. I’ve told it because others have asked me to and I could. But every time I’ve told it, up until now, I have lied.” —Telling Stories: Secrets, Lies, and Sexual Assault

Businesslady’s Finding a Job Primer, with a robust and helpful discussion in the comments!

Every Question in Every Q&A Session Ever

The Fug Girls, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, on writing as a team.

<3 this picture of Mallory doing lunges while holding Nicole’s baby <3


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