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800px-45-degree_bend_in_the_Snowflake_lift_at_BreckenridgeBoth Qua And Otherwise

Between Sampson And The Shears

The Multitude of Forgettenings

And Yet, Never

The Ski Lift Of Entropy

Swimming Upside-Down: A Life Told In Reverse

The Sea And The See And The C

The Hereness Of The Outdoors

Simply Erstwhile As It Happened Not To

Mr. Frederickson Doesn’t Take A Walk After All

The Dire Watchbridge

Through Myself, Dimly

The Narrowing Of Escapement

The Headmistress’ Murrain

Subordinate To Grace

Long Tall Kafka

The Wheel Slowly Turned

King Canute Withdraws

Suleiman And Me

The Rules Of Forgetting

Creating Undoing

The Swamp Lessons

Doubt The Rhododendron

The Wastrel’s Vulgate

The Only Grail In East Montana

Maladroit Invertebrates

Gird The Ouroboros

The Fisher King Rotates

An Inward Unexamining

The Never-Again Of Gretchen

Thrice Shy

Come The Rains And Swell The Melon

Wake The Mollusk

The Ad Hoc Symposium

Stones Cry Out

The Curse Of The Footstep

Cup Of Clouds

Niece Of The Sea God


The Opacity Of Not-Seeing

Madison, Wisconsin (#4)

The Chunklet Of Helpfulness

Nothing Happened After All: Love, Helen


Sling Down The Old Times, Captain Nate

Special thanks to @theshrillest and Christian Brown for joke assistance.

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