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we don’t have to be
always so much of touching
we could just touch one hand, or none, for a while
touching’s fun but you know what else is fun? not touching


you are SUCH a good kisser
it’s like i don’t even have to give you any kissing tips
but i wonder, just from being curious
what kissing would be like if you weren’t holding my entire throat
like i think it might be really sexy if we tried it
like how i’m not holding your throat at all so you’re just breathing through it normally
like that, but you do it to me
i think it’d be hot


it’s really hard for me to look at the sea while you’re holding my hand


if i tried to make a break for it now
i’d probably get cut on those hedge thorns and he’d be able to follow the blood trail
what I should have done was fled when he left me alone in the library

“mmm, yes dearest, I love these long, silent embraces among the ruins as well”


no, no, you misunderstand
I’m tensing up from joy
you know
how like of when
someone coming up from behind you and unexpectedly grabbing your shoulder makes you so happy you freeze up


please don’t let go until he stops


and you’re sure
you’re sure that this is what kissing is
how many times do I have to tell you, you silly goose
kissing is when men stay as far away from their girlfriends as possible and only touch the very edge of their skirts
while their girlfriends get to keep embroidering in peace
and you don’t actually touch me

right, right
it’s all right
silly goose


oh no
she definitely wants to talk to you
this is just a condition my arm has
sorry!!!! idk why its like that haha
maybe try again later when my arm isn’t doing that thing where it pushes you away so much


ahh it’s SO GOOD, babe!!! 
i can just hear you better when i’m facing away and talking to Lisette 
something about the acoustics of talking to Lisette
really helps me listen to you playing 
definitely don’t stop playing and try to come over here, i’m listening so much


no it’s SO WEIRD but like
i can see and hear you better if the fan is actually blocking my face??


just go away and leave me with the dog


forget the crowns
just bring me something i can use to distract him long enough to get away


i am looking at you 
this is just something my neck does
i definitely would rather listen to you propose than finish my book, don’t let me stop you, i just have to let my neck do this otherwise something really bad could happen
to my neck

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