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you seem distracted, my love
do i really
you keep staring into the middle distance
is that not you?
i’m always mixing up you with the middle distance
you look so much like the middle distance



darling, leave the piano alone for a minute and kiss me
I really wish I could
but these scales won’t play themselves

look, I’ll put down my violin and you can –
you can do what you like to my face but leave my hands alone



you and I are the only hot people here
kiss me, everyone’s watching



this is more bearable than I ever dreamed it could be
I could put up with this for hours



my hair is still taller and more fabulous than his
i must keep things in perspective, and focus on what truly matters



actually i find the sharp pains from this stress position a welcome mental distraction



darling, to climb this gate would be the work of a minute
I could be by your side in seconds
no, it’s a – the gate is cursed
if you climb it, I’ll disappear
sort of like a Brigadoon thing



turn and kiss me, my love
sorry I have that thing where I can’t tell my right from my left
just turn towards my voice
ahh sorry
I have that thing where I can’t tell the difference between a person and his reflection
so if I drown myself
it’s just because I love you so much I was trying to kiss you faster
don’t take it personal


Frederic William Burton, Irish, 1816 - 1900 Hellelil and Hildebrand, the Meeting on the Turret Stairs, 1864 Watercolour and gouache on paper 95.5 x 60.8 cm Signed: lower left: FWB 1864 Bequeathed, Miss Margaret Stokes, 1900 NGI.2358 National Gallery of Ireland

stay a minute, love
I cannot kiss your hand only
ahh sorry
these stairs only go up

that isn’t so
see, I’m going in the other d–
no you’re on the down part of the staircase
I’m on the up part
common mistake
nothing I can do

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