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“Perhaps it’s best if you go after all, Jeremy. Maybe we can talk later, if you’re able to stop saying such hurtful things.”



“I don’t think there’s any reason we can’t be civil, Clarkson. Jeremy here has been very much looking forward to meeting you.”



“Jeremeth. Paulson – Oh. Trimothy. You’re – what are all of you doing here? What…what is this? Have you three been getting together and talking about me when I’m not around? Because I don’t have to take this. Least of all from you, Paulson. And we never said we were exclusive.”



“The flowers are nice. But you’re still in trouble.”



“We don’t have to go, honestly. I’d much rather just stay in and nest. Heh. Nest.”



“This is hard for me, Clarence. But you’re worth being vulnerable for.”



“Well, thought it was funny.”


“It doesn’t mean anything. It just means I thought it was funny. There doesn’t always have to be some sinister dark meaning to everything, you know. Some things are just funny. You don’t have to think about what it “means.” It’s just a joke.”



“It’s none of your business ‘which one’ I left you for, and frankly even asking me that question shows how much you never understood me.”

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