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no, we mustn’t kiss again
Charles kissed someone and look what happened to him

Charles died of fever
just to be safe
we should never kiss again

i don’t understand
right before he died
he told me
Charles did
“it was the kissing that did it”

I never heard him say that
he did
and im telling you now so



listen its clear to me that you two belong together
i’m only in the way

you and that girl there
i will step aside and relinquish you to her
though it breaks my heart

darling, it’s just a drawing
it’s a drawing of you
no no
this sand-woman
i can see that she has your heart
i’ll go

please, don’t try to deny it
i could never stand between you and happiness
goodbye, Friederich



i’m sorry, Edwin
i’d love to kiss you
but my lips just don’t go any further than this



there, old girl
it’s done
no point tearing your heart out over it now
you did it, and it’s done, and you can relax, having done it at last

what’s that, darling?
nothing, dearest
only I’m so ready

I’m so happy
i’m always mixing them up



are you listening?
mm? sorry?
what’s that
sorry darling, you know i can’t hear you when i’m drinking
throws the humors out of balance, listening and sipping liquids at the same time
physically dangerous, or at least impossible



i can’t bring myself to look
is the mustache still on it



the wider he buys his hats, the harder it is for him to lean in and kiss me
I’m told wide hats are very fashionable this year
and Demeritron knows I love a fashionable man



if you’ll just look here on the globe for a moment, I can –
I’ll turn my head and look when there’s something worth looking at
I have been gone nearly three years all in search of y –
I said
what I said



why can’t you be more like him

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