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It was an excellent week at The Toast, wasn’t it? Just want to make sure you’re all really going to miss us.

First, obviously: Nicole and Mallory yelled about Captain America: Civil War.

We published a terrific article on cosmic acceleration by astrophysicist (and new Editor-in-Chief of The Offing) Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein.

Ever wondered if you’re living in a Robert Frost poem?

The monks came back!

“Rain is a big influence.”

Please don’t miss Grace Lidinsky-Smith on growing up with ADHD and finally getting a diagnosis.

Liz Rosema’s Butch Stories comics are always wonderful, and I’m so glad we publish them.

B.N. Harrison on how writing for fandom helped her overcome her hesitation and embrace her identity as a writer.

I expect we’ll all have much more to say about The Toast before it closes, but for now I just want to stress how thankful I am for this space, and for all of you who make it the Last Homely House on the Internet. I’m going to miss it so much! But I’m glad we have several more weeks of fun together before the end, and it’s comforting to know the community is going to live on in some fashion even after we stop publishing. I feel so lucky to have spent almost two years here, enjoying your wit and wisdom and publishing your stories every day, and I’m sure good things are ahead — things we’ll be better able to meet and find joy in because we had The Toast for as long as we did. Thank you for making this place everything it is.

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