ByAntonia Crane

Antonia Crane is a writer, teacher and Moth Story Slam Winner in Los Angeles. She is the author of the memoir Spent (Barnacle Books/Rare Bird Lit March, 2014). She was featured on Lisa Ling’s documentary, “This is Life” on CNN. Her other work can be found in PlayboyCosmopolitan Magazine, The Rumpus, Dame Magazine, Salon, PANK magazine, Black Clock, The Believer, Frequencies, Slake, The Los Angeles ReviewThe New BlackThe Heroin Chronicles and lots of other places. She the CNF editor at Word Riot and The Citron Review. She is at work on another memoir about running wild in Mumbai, India as a teenager.

  1. Exactly twenty years ago, while I was on a 72-hour hold in a psych ward in San Francisco, a plump old hippie in all white asked me if I tried to kill myself. I laughed at him because I thought I had died. He smiled back and fondled his sandalwood beads. “No,” I said. I didn’t remember wanting to die as much as wanting to kill the feeling. I’d been tweaking for weeks and the…